Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy research head is Dr. Ivo Heinmaa and current projects are as follows:

1. Quantitative detection of cancer biomarkers in urine by hyperpolarized NMR, PSG11

Project duration: 01.01.18 – 31.12.21

Principal Investigator: Dr. Indrek Reile

Several cancers can be detected before any pathological symptoms appear by the urine concentrations of certain modified nucleosides. One of the reasons why such promising biomarkers are not in clinical use is the difficulty of detecting and resolving low-μM concentration isomeric nucleosides with identical molar masses. Recent developments in parahydrogen hyperpolarization NMR methodology address these issues, resolving sub-μM analytes in urine by fast NMR experiments. We will expand this technology into the detection of urinary nucleosides and other endogenic metabolites. By optimizing sample preparation methods, hyperpolarization catalysts and hyperpolarized NMR method itself, we will provide a new tool for cancer- and metabolomics research. Preliminary results predict sufficient throughput and reliability for cancer screening. The new diagnostic technology will allow early detection of cancers, potentially offering the society large savings in healthcare costs.

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