Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy research head is Dr. Ivo Heinmaa and current projects are as follows:

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1. NMR investigations of the local structure and dynamics in solids and solutions, IUT 23-7

Project Duration: 01.01.14 – 31.12.19

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ivo Heinmaa

This research topic focuses on the development of NMR instrumentation and on implementing NMR methods to materials science, chemistry and biology. Proposed applications cover solid state and solution NMR. The main topics of solid state NMR research are: investigation of spin structure in quantum magnets, study of charge localization in high temperature superconductors, local structure and vacancy dynamics in fuel cell components, structure determination of solid organic compounds at natural abundance of 13C by using 2D NMR correlation spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations. Applications of solution NMR cover the idenfication of synthesis products, the study of molecular interactions in solution and metabolomics analysis. An essential part of the work is improving NMR technology: the cryoMAS probe will allow new applications at low temperatures and the probe with high 13C sensitivity allows to study the structure of organic compounds at natural abundance of NMR active isotopes.

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