Energy Technologies

Energy Technologies research head is Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg and current projects are as follows:

1. Metal Oxide-based Catalyst Materials from Recycled Li-ion Batteries for Metal-air Battery and Fuel Cell Applications , PSG312

Project duration: 01.01.19 – 31.12.22

Principal Investigator: Dr. Ivar Kruusenberg

Used lithium-ion batteries are environmental hazards which contain chemicals and materials that can pollute water and soil. Such pollutants are: organic solvents, nano-carbon powders, and harmful heavy metals, like Co, Ni, Mn, Cu, and etc. The main limitations for the effective recycling of the Li-ion battery materials have been the technical difficulties to separate and treat different materials so that they can be re-used, along with the high cost of that process. One of the main objectives of this project is to develop cost-effective recycling methods to re-use metal-oxides and carbon powders from spent lithium-ion batteries. Our final goal is to synthesize highly active and novel catalyst materials from these recycled materials for the metal-air batteries and low-temperature fuel cells.

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