Emerging Quantum Frustrated Magnets finished projects include:

1. Emerging Quantum Frustrated Magnets, PUT210

Project duration: 01.01.13 – 31.12.16

Principal Investigator: Dr. Raivo Stern

Among complex systems with emergent behaviors, frustrated quantum magnets are coming to the forefront, as they are predicted to exhibit novel exotic phases of matter ranging from spin liquids and spin ice to topological insulators and phonon-glass electron-crystals. These collective states might play a fundamental role in future and emerging quantum technologies such as the synthesis of innovative materials for energy harnessing and storage, entanglement-enhanced sensing, and highly efficient quantum computation. The exponentially growing complexity of the Hamiltonians used to describe such systems prevents their efficient analytical study and numerical simulation. Moreover, direct verification in natural materials, sizable noise level, ubiquitous defects and impurities and the limited degree of experimental control is extremely demanding. We propose the combination of unique and efficient experimental techniques with microscopic theory to verify some promising novel quantum magnets.

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2. Novel electronic states of low-dimensional and magnetically frustrated systems, MOBJD295

Project duration: 01.11.17 – 31.10.19

Principal Investigator: Dr. Tanmoy Chakrabarty

During his 24 months MOBJD stay, Tanmoy Chakrabarty will focus on setting up a solid oxide synthesis facility at NICPB and synthesize and characterize (XRD, PPMS, NMR etc) several novel quantum systems. Experiments on new materials will enable direct comparison with the simulations of the DFT+U based microscopic magnetic models at NICPB. Dr Chakrabarty performed his Ph. D. study at the IIT, Bombay, India, in the materials research group of Prof. Mahajan. Since the NICPB is presently lacking expertise in solid oxide mono- and polycrystalline synthesis, the applicant’s experience will be helpful to advance the Estonian scientific potential on this vibrant field of materials science. Dr. Raivo Stern, a researcher professor at NICPB will supervise the proposed research; the project will complement the activities of the Centre of Excellence “Emerging orders in quantum and nanomaterials” (EQUITANT) and the industrial solid oxide application (EU project HELTSTACK (FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IAPP)).

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