Scientific research of the Laboratory adheres to the strategic programmes of NICPB “In vitro toxicology and 3R”, ‘Environmental Chemistry’ and ‘Macromolecular Interactions’

Main research areas and key-words:

  • Nano(eco)toxicology
  • Elucidation of mechanisms of toxic effects of chemicals (e.g., nanoparticles) using in vitro tests (luminescent bacteria, algae, protozoa, animal/human cell cultures etc)
  • Construction of new recombinant luminescent bacteria for study of the mechanisms of toxic action of chemicals and/or nanoparticles
  • Manifestation of toxic effests on physiological endpoints of micoorganisms. Intracellular homeostasis.
  • Bioavailability and its mechanisms
  • Environmental risk assesment

Grupike 2015

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