About us

The Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology (previous name Lab. of Molecular Genetics, name changed Nov. 23, 2012), head Dr. Anne Kahru, contributes to following strategic programmes of NICPB:  environmental toxicology and chemistry, macromolecular interactions.

The high level of scientific research of the Lab has lead to several previous and currently funded EU projects as well as other International cooperation projects. The research activities range from studying fundamental aspects of biology to applications. Strong emphasis is given to the development and refinement of molecular biology methods in mechanistic research.

There is a tight cooperation between the researchers of NICPB and Estonian Universities: MSc and PhD students of Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu University and Estonian University of Life Sciences are participating in projects and supervised by scientists of NICPB.

At 2006 the laboratories were renovated and are currently equipped with major facilities for up-to-date molecular biology, microbiology, cell culture, microbial biotechnology and ecotoxicology. In addition, NICPB joins top-levels scientists with various bacgrounds on chemistry, physics, biochemistry etc and repective research facilities which stimulates joint interdisciplinary projects.

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