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The research in the Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry is based on proteomics studies with particular emphasis on structure-function relationships, recognition and complex formation, which are essential cellular processes. The main research areas are:

–    structure-function relationship of proteins
–    protein-protein, protein-peptide interactions
–    anticoagulant, antiangiogenetic and antiplatelet agents
–    mass-spectroscopy of proteins and peptides

The facilities of the laboratory are used for advanced degree studies.
Multifunctional proteins will be studied, which affect haemostasis, angiogenesis, apoptosis. These studies will improve our understanding on how proteins recognize their targets: blood factors, receptors and platelets or cancer cells. The basic mechanisms are important for gene regulation, biomolecular recognition and catalysis. They provide the functional integrity of normal cellular processes. The results are indispensable for medicine and drug design. The proteins in study are potential thrombolytic and anticancer agents. The proteomic studies will be performed in cooperation between laboratories of chemical physics and molecular genetics at NICPB.

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