Research Programmes

Strategic Research Programmes of NICPB

  1. Topics of the scientific research are determined by the NICPB Act. They include research areas of national and European importance and as a rule, are integrated in international and domestic cooperation.
  2. Scientific research is realised by scientific programmes.
  3. NICPB`s scientific programmes integrate different areas of science and are also closely interrelated.
  4. Each programme involves logical cognition, mathematical characterisation and creation and usage of technical possibilities.
  5. Almost entire hierarchy of nature’s organisation is covered by the research. This promotes cognitive generalisation and provides a foundation for choosing the object of detailed research.
  6. NICPB`s programmes are accomplished by scientific infrastructure, which, according to the principle of the institution, is available for universal usage of all programmes.
  7. In comparison to the research institutions based on universities, NICPB`s programmes are more extensive in areas of fundamental and applied research as well as in interdisciplinarity.

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