Head of Environmental Toxicology Anne Kahru’s interview on Vikerradio’s program “Ökoskoop”

On March 6, Anne Kahru, head of the environmental toxicology laboratory, gave an interview about neonicotinoids in the radio program “Ökoskoop”. Results from the recently published EASAC report of the Research Council of European Academies were discussed in more detail.

Listen to the program (neonicotinoids part at 00:00-29:55): https://vikerraadio.err.ee/1608892268/okoskoop-keelatud-putukamurk-ounamahlajaakV%C3%B5rreldes?fbclid=IwAR0r2PxKl8cNrOiSH-v3ATMlimbS_4WuZx7eViZdpJWFUN0XPE_CJOk1v6E

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