KEAL seminar – Timo Kärkkäinen


KEAL seminar

Esmaspäev, 24. jaanuar kell 14.00

Timo Kärkkäinen, Eötvös Loránd University

GeV neutrinos in a super-weak U(1)’ model

Super-weak force is a minimal extension of the standard model,  which adds three massive sterile Majorana neutrinos, a complex singlet scalar boson and a neutral massive vector boson to the particle spectrum. It aims to explain dark matter, accelerating expansion of the universe, neutrino mass generation, vacuum metastability, cosmic inflation and baryonic asymmetry of the universe. In the talk I will discuss the neutrino sector and phenomenology of this model. The model exhibits suppressed nonstandard neutrino interactions and potential to discover the disappearance of active neutrino flavours to sterile flavours via SHiP and MATHUSLA experiment. In addition, I will discuss the sub-leading corrections to neutrino masses arising from one-loop contribution to light neutrino self-energies.

References: arXiv 2104.14571, 2105.13360.